Tyler State Park Engagement Session

Schofield Ford Covered Bridge

Samantha & Justin had a lovely engagement session at Schofield Ford Covered Bridge in Tyler State Park in  PA. Here is a little bit of what brought them to this day:

Justin & I met our sophomore year of high school.  We had three classes scheduled together: Study Hall, Biology, and Geometry.  I can remember the exact moment Justin caught my attention walking into Study Hall.  I knew at that moment there was something special about him.  Evidently, my intuition was right!  We began dating our junior year of high school.  Justin officially asked me to be his girlfriend as we talked on the phone late one Friday night after a football game.  We were the classic high school sweethearts, I was a cheerleader dating a football player.  


 Schofield Ford Covered Bridge engagement session pa covered bridge engagement session pa engagement session

How he proposed

Justin proposed on May 2nd, 2018.  The nine year anniversary of our senior prom as well as our ten and a half year anniversary.  Justin surprised me by volunteering to come visit my classroom.  I am a special education teacher to fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students with significant cognitive disabilities.  My kids love it when he comes for a visit.  I thought he was just being sweet since it had been a stressful week.  The night before he stayed up until the early hours of the morning with me while I submitted my final assignment for grad school.  Justin brought my staff and I lunch and even went out to recess to play with the kids.  I found him sitting at my desk with the ring in hand.  I was stunned.  The last thing I had expected from his visit to school that day was a proposal… but, I had been waiting for that moment for a very long time!  The ring was absolutely beautiful.  Of course, I said yes!



couple on bridge PA woods engagement photos Tyler state Park engagement session Tyler state Park engagement photos engagement session in the pa woods

How Love triumphed


When Justin and I began dating we were teenagers with a dream of the life ahead of us.  Within our dreams, we had to consider our growth as individuals as well as our future as a couple.  Each and every day, Justin and I have made the decision to love and support one another.  Our journey hasn’t always been easy but, we have ventured the highs and lows together.  In the last decade we have lived three hours apart, lived together three hours away from our families, adapted our lifestyle to accommodate the diagnosis of two auto-immune diseases (one for each of us), acquired three college degrees (undergraduate and graduate), began our individual careers (thankfully in the same city), and bought the home of our dreams.  We have survived as a couple through arguably the most transformational period of our lives: adolescence to adulthood.

Our greatest challenge at this point in our journey is raising our two crazy coonhound-mix puppies!


couple in Tyler state park engaged couple in Tyler state park PA couple sitting by the water in PA couple kissing in Tyler state park summer engagement session in PA woods

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    Love the covered bridge pictures at Tyler State Park.

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    What a cool location! Love to hear from the couple too for their perspective on their love story. Awesome!

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