Small Outside Wedding Locations in Philadelphia

Imitate Outside Wedding Locations in Philadelphia

Some of the Best Locations for your Small Outside Wedding or Elopement in Philadelphia!

Are you planning a small outside wedding ceremony in Philadelphia and wondering what your options are? You will be pleased to know there is no shortage of outside locations to gather and get married in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. Here are a few of my Favorite locations!



Race Street Pier Wedding or Elopement

Race Street Pier has stunning views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River. It is a favorite location for couples to have engagement photos or couples and wedding party photos on their wedding day, but did you know that you can actually have a ceremony right there on the pier overlooking the water? This is such a picturesque location! You will need to plan ahead and get a permit to be able to have your ceremony there. Here is the link to inquire about getting your permit and securing your date.

Check out these Race Street Pier weddings in Philadelphia to get ideas and inspiration for your day!

Smal Race St Pier Wedding Philadelphia

Race Street Pier Wedding

Race Street Pier outside Wedding ceremony Philly



Headhouse Square Wedding or Elopement

Located in the historic Old City section of Philadelphia, Headhouse Square is an ideal option for small weddings and elopements. One thing about this location I love is that is covered! This means even on the off chance that there is a little drizzle on your wedding day, you don’t have to worry! It also offers shade from the heat and helps keep your guests comfortable. Old City is full of little cobblestone streets and idyllic locations for your wedding day photos. You will need to permit for this location and here is the link to apply for your wedding permit and get all the info.

Here is a blog post from a lovely Headhouse Square wedding ceremony and pizza party reception!

Small Outside Headhouse Square Wedding

Headhouse Square Wedding Philadelphia PA



Magnolia Garden Wedding or Elopement

The Magnolia Garden is a part of the national park system and is located on Locust Street, between 4th and 5th St. In early spring the 13 magnolia trees that line the perimeter burst into bloom making it the ideal time to enjoy this space. It has a secret garden charm and the brick walls give you privacy for your ceremony. This link will give you info for securing your wedding ceremony permit. The Rose Garden is another location right across the street that can be used for ceremonies!

intimate Magnolia Garden Wedding Philadelphia Old City



Cira Green Wedding or Elopement

Did you know that there is a rooftop park near 30th street station in Philadelphia? It is open to the public and has stunning skyline views! Overlooking the Schuylkill River you get an impressive look at the city of Philadelphia. This is the perfect location to get that city and park vibe for your ceremony. Definitely reach out to Cira Green Park directly to find out their latest requirements for taking photos or having your small wedding ceremony or elopement in their sweet location!

Cira Green rooftop park micro Wedding Philadelphia



Waterworks Gazebo Wedding or Elopement

I have always loved the walking path along the Schuylkill River. The areas behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art and near Waterworks holds a particular elegance and beauty that makes it a romantic setting for an outside wedding ceremony in Philadelphia. These majestic columns of the large gazebo on the water’s edge doesn’t need much additional decoration. You will need a permit for this location through the city of Philadelphia.

Small Waterworks Gazebo Wedding in Philadelphia\



Planning Your Outside Small Wedding or Elopement in Philadelphia

Permits for your Outside Wedding or Elopement in Philly

Always check and see if a permit is needed for the location you have in mind. If it is apart of the National Park System you can find out all the details here. If you have your eye on the City of Philadelphia Park, you should be able to find out more here. Definitely plan ahead as the permit process and take a little time to secure.

The Weather!

If you are planning an outside ceremony, the weather is always an x-factor and out of our control. If you are willing to roll the dice, you have to keep in mind there is a chance the weather might not cooperate with you. Always good idea to have umbrellas on hand or have a plan B ready in case you need to be inside.

Will you have these outside locations to yourself?

Most of the time when you secure a permit for a public location it gives you the right to have your photos or ceremony there, but it doesn’t make it a private event. The public will often be allowed in the space at the same time as your ceremony so you have to be flexible and open to this.

What will you do after?

It is really up to you what you will do after your ceremony. Will you have a picnic in the park? Will you take wedding photos? Will you head out to lunch or dinner? Or will you be off on your honeymoon? It is your wedding day and you can plan to do whatever feels best to you!

Small outside wedding ceremony locations in Philadelphia




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