Tips for Your wedding Day Photography Timeline

When planning out your photography coverage for your wedding day – you may feel overwhelmed or not really have a clear sense of how to create an outline for your day. Here are some insider tips to help get you on the right track.

Every Wedding Day in Unique

First things first, each couple’s wedding day is different and the timing, events and priorities will vary. Having a clear sense of what is most important to you will help while planing your day.

Getting Ready

For getting ready photo coverage I would say about an hour and a half is ideal This allows time for details(such as your wedding day outfit, flowers, shoes invitations, rings), getting dressed and portraits.



Wedding details, brides shoes, engagement rings

First look 

Some couples choose to have a first look and see each other before their ceremony. This allows them to do all their formal photos before the wedding, that way they can be present with guests during cocktail hour. Others choose to do formal photos after the wedding ceremony and either build in time between the ceremony and reception or skip their cocktail hour to do their wedding photos. This a personal preference and most importantly, which ever way you choose, be sure you build in the time that you need. Still not sure about the First Look? Click to view this blog “Should I have a fist look on my wedding day?” that will help you decide if its right for your day.


First look bride and groom at XIX at the Beliveau Hotel in Philadelphia

Formal photos

Typically family formals take about 30 minutes(for immediate family only). Wedding Party Photos also take about 30 minutes. For couples photos I would allow 30 – 45 minutes. Feeling a little anxious about having your photos taken on your big day. This blog post will give you the secrets to natural beautiful photos, “Nervous About Your Wedding Photos? Cira Green Philadelphia Skyline, Wedding party in fuschia

Travel Time

Keep in mind that everything takes time and on a wedding day it can take even more time.  Don’t forget to add in travel time for getting from hotel to ceremony to reception if your event isn’t all at the same location.


Spring wedding with cherry blossoms in Philadelphia at the Regal Ballroom

Receiving Line

Decide before your wedding day if you want to do a receiving line after your ceremony. If you do, be sure you allot time for this. If you decide you don’t want to do one, when you exit your ceremony make sure you are tucked away or you could quickly getting swept up into into a receiving line!

Make sure everyone knows where to be when

Weddings are a very busy day! One tip to keep everything moving smoothly is to make sure everyone knows what time to be where for photos including family and wedding party. Assigning the most assertive people in the family or wedding party on each side to help make sure the group is where their supposed to be can be quite helpful!


Keep in my what time the sun sets when planning your wedding day and photos. Different time of year there is a drastic difference in daylight hours.


Blue Bell Country Club wedding Night photo of Bride and Groom

Tips for your wedding day timeline, City Hall Philadelphia