Nervous about your wedding photos?

Do you feel awkward in front of a camera?


Well  you are not alone!


More often than not, engaged couples I talk to say something like:

“We are so awkward in front of a camera!”

” I am not photogenic.”

“I always make funny faces in photos!”

“I don’t know how to pose for couples photos.”

“How do I look natural in my wedding photos?”



Do any of these sound familiar? Not to fear, these are all normal thoughts that many couples have. Most people haven’t had professional photos taken before and the idea of being in front of a camera can sometimes feel intimidating. I am going to offer a few tips and tricks for beautiful, natural photos on your wedding day!



5 inside tips for natural wedding photos

Philadelphia Franklin Institute Wedding Photos on the front steps

1. Choose a photographer you trust and connect with

Choosing a wedding photographer that is the right fit for your day will put  you at ease and you will be well on your way to beautiful wedding photos. A professional photographer who you genuinely connect with will help you feel comfortable and relaxed  and this will be reflected in your photos. 

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How to Choose your Wedding Photographer!



2. Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are my favorite! By doing a photo session  you will get comfortable in front of the camera. It is a wonderful oportunity to get to connect with your photographer and prep you for your wedding day photos. Some of the self-consciousness  around having photos taken can be, in part, from the fear of the unknown. Engagement sessions are a wonderful way to disperse these fears and put you at ease for your big day!

Looking for inspiration for engagement locations in Philly? This may give you some ideas:

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Fall Wissahickon Engagement session Philadelphia PA

3. Couples photos away from guests

When it comes time for couples photos, doing them away from friends and family can help you relax and really get into each other. Having a little time just the two of you is priceless!

4. In-between moments

Sometimes its those moments between poses where the two of you are genuinely having a laugh or sharing a moment can be the sweetest so truly enjoy each other on this amazing day!

5. Relax and have fun!

This simple advice is so important! Take a few deep breaths, enjoy your soulmate and bask in the moment!


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