Should I have a First Look on my wedding day?

What is a First Look?

Traditionally the couple will not see each other on their wedding day until the moment they they walk down the aisle. A first look is when a couple chooses to see each other on their wedding day before they walk down the aisle. They have a private moment together(or sometimes with family or bridal party looking on) to share together before stepping into the whirlwind of their wedding day.

Emotional Wedding day First Look in Philadelphia PA

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Should I have a First Look on my wedding day?

It is becoming more and more popular for couples to opt for a first look. You may be wondering, Should I have a first look on my wedding day? There are many reasons why this trend is growing, here are few of them…

Be present with your guests on your wedding day!

Wedding days are planned for months or even years and then seem to fly by on the day of. Many guests come from near and far and its important to take a minute to thank them and enjoy their company. Having a first look can give you more time to mix and mingle with your adoring guests instead of being swept away for formal photos. If you choose a first look, you can do all your couples photos, family photos and wedding party photo before your ceremony and then you are free to celebrate once you say your I do’s.

More time for your formal photos

Going with the first look option can also give you more time for your formal photos. Having the luxury of time built into your wedding day allows for a more relaxed and stress-free feeling on your big day. This is the goal – an amazing day where you don’t feel squeezed for time and don’t miss out on photos your were hoping for.

Cocktail hour: So you, your bridal Party and family can eat drink and be merry

The First Look also frees you up to enjoy your cocktail hour and who doesn’t love cocktail hour!? Without a first look, couples often do their formal photos during the cocktail hour missing out on the tasty food and drink.

wedding cocktail hour signature drink and shrimp cocktail

Settle you pre-wedding nerves

Weddings are full of love and excitement, but also can be a little nerve-wracking. Typically before the wedding is when anxieties can run high. I have seen many times when the first look moment can calm those nerves. When the couple sees each other, they knows everything is going to be wonderful! It can be a very sweet and grounding moment.

wedding day first look with bride and groom at PAFA

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It is your day – do what feels right!

All that being said, this is your day! If you don’t want to have a first look, then don’t. Ultimately you have to do what feels right to you on your wedding day and the rest will fall into place. Weddings are very personal and choosing to have or not to have a First Look is a decision to be made as a couple. Either way you choose, be sure to choose what’s right for you!

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