Small Philadelphia Park Wedding

Wedding Wednesday Ceremonies at LOVE Park

Philadelphia is a city full of lovely parks, outside spaces, and walking paths that encourage all to enjoy being outside and being with each other. Each Wednesday there are wedding ceremonies held in front of the famous LOVE Statue right in the heart of the center city for all to witness. This is a fun and very cool way of tying the knot through the park services. If this interests you, you can check out Wedding Wednesday here and find out how to secure a timeslot and all the details of this unique, affordable, and unforgettable way to get married in Philadelphia.



Small Park Wedding 

With their closest loved ones gathered, these two said “I do” right in front of one of Philadelphia’s most recognizable statues. It was a small but love-filled way of making it official. Although there was a bit of rain before the ceremony the skies did magically clear right in the nick of time and thank goodness they did because these ceremonies are rain or shine! We definitely had umbrellas on standby because the weather is hard to predict but luckily they didn’t have to be opened during their wedding ceremony.


Love Park wedding ceremony Philadelphia PA city Park wedding Philadelphia PA


oustide Park Wedding in front of Philadelphia City Hall



Journeys of the Heart Wedding Officiant 

Journeys of the Heart did a wonderful job, as usual, officiating the ceremony for this special occasion of celebration and dedication of love. The Love statue was roped off with velvet ropes to create a space for gathering, sweet words, and where lifelong vows were exchanged to the delight of all who witnessed. Family and friends watched, teared up, snapped photos and cheered on the couple as they took this major life step together and entered into a new chapter toegther.

Love Statue Small Wedding Philadelphia PA Wedding Wednesdays at Love Park Bride and groom just married at Love Park philly Bride and groom wedding ceremony in Love Park



Park Wedding in the City

With joy in their hearts, these two held hands and walked down the aisle a married couple – what a sweet moment! We took some wedding couples photos right in front of the LOVE statue because how could you not?! We also took group photos with the couple and their guests to commemorate the gathering. Then we crossed the street and headed over to Philadelphia City Hall which has beautiful photo locations all around it. The architecture is impressive and I love how all four archways lead into the center courtyard from Market Street and Broad Street.

Bride and groom couples photos in Philadelphia Park Bride and groom at Philadelphia City Hall bride and groom kissing at Philadelphia City Hall wedding photos at Philadelphia City Hall Happy wedding couple in Philadelphia



Twirling in Your Wedding Dress

Is there anything better than twirling in your wedding dress?! It is truly a day to have fun, to dance, to twirl, and to celebrate. I love the joy on the bride’s face as she is twirled by her husband on their wedding day. The dress is just perfect and the spin really shows off the dress, her shoes, and her happiness! I like still posed couples photos and also moving, walking, and spinning photos. The movement can evoke a lively and celebratory feeling.

Bride twirling with groom in Philadelphia Mr and Mrs Hat and jacket for bride and groom



Custom Jean Jacket for Bride

How cute is this custom jean jacket that the bride made for her wedding day! I love this personalized touch with the “Mr.” hat and the “Mrs” jean jacket. A little pop of fun on the wedding day is always a good idea. This added a light-heartedness and playfulness to their photos and their day.

Bride and groom kissing with custom jean jacket




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