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I truly love engagement photography and as a wedding and engagement photographer in Philadelphia, I have had the pleasure of photographing many couples in and around the city. There is something so special about carving out the time in your busy schedules to commemorate the love you have for each other. That is what is at the heart of any engagement session, celebrating your love.

As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, here are 5 reasons I love engagement photo sessions and why I think you will too!

Addison Street Philadelphia Engagement session by Heidi Roland Photography



1. Having pretty photos of the two of you as a couple

This one might seem the most obvious, but you would be surprised how many couples I talk to who tell me “We don’t have any good photos of the two of us together”. It is important to have beautiful photos that you can put on your mantel, hang in your office or even look at on your phone to keep your loved one and your love at the forefront. Having pretty photos of the two of you as a couple preserves this moment in time and can bring you back there in a glance. Treat yourself to these treasures. You are sure to enjoy these special photos!

The Rodin Museum Engagement photos



2. Practicing being in front of a camera

Another benefit of doing an engagement session is getting comfortable in front of the camera. If you are like most people, you may feel nervous just thinking about getting your photo taken. You are not alone! Most people I photograph have never had professional photos taken and often tell me “We don’t know how to pose.” or “We never take good photos.” Well, an engagement session is the perfect opportunity to practice, learn new tricks, and who knows you might even find yourself having fun in front of the camera!

Philadelphia Museum of Art Engagement session by Heidi Roland Photography



3. Walking down memory lane Philadelphia together

If you live in Philadelphia or the surrounding area, then you have likely explored many places in the city. Often couples choose a Philadelphia engagement session location that is meaningful to them. For example, where they had their first date, their favorite place to walk, their favorite coffee shop or neighborhood or even where they popped the “Will you marry me?” question. As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I am always happy to offer location suggestions, but some of the best ideas can actually come from thinking about the places that are most sentimental or hold special meaning to you as a couple.

Race Street Pier Philadelphia Engagement Photos



4. Making new memories together

Of course when you do an engagement session you end up with lovely photos, but you are also creating new memories by doing the session together. Doing new things together is a wonderful way to foster your connection and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a little mini-adventure – what’s life without a little adventure right?

Valley Green Inn Engagement Photos



5. Celebrating your love

I will end with the most important, celebrating your love. As a couple, it is important to take time to celebrate your love, and doing an engagement session together is a lovely beautiful way to do just that. You get to dress up just for each other, pick a location you love, and spend some time laughing and exploring together.


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