Elfreth’s Alley Proposal Philadelphia

Elfreth’s Alley Proposal Philadelphia, PA

Elfreth’s Alley, located in historic Old City Philadelphia, provides a romantic and intimate spot for a surprise summer proposal. In the tucked-away brick courtyard, Dawood planned a private moment with Sarah. Her look of excitement and surprise tells the tale, she said yes!


Elfreths Alley marriage Proposal Philadelphia Philly couple celebrating after saying yes to proposal



A Classic Philadelphia Proposal 

One thing about taking photos in Philadelphia, there is no shortage of beautiful locations. Dawood was very thoughtful and scoped out a perfect location for their special moment that he knew Sarah would enjoy. He planned ahead and knew the Delaware Waterfront was within walking distance, which turned out to be a lovely location for more couples photos.


happily engaged couple in Elfreths Alley Old City Phildelphia engagement photos in brick Philadelphia courtyard newly engaged couple in Old City Philadelphia courtyard happy couple in Philadelphia showing engagement ring



Surrounded by history – Elfreth’s Alley

After their proposal, newly engaged Dawood and Sarah couldn’t wait to celebrate their engagement with some photos around Philly. Our first stop was of course Elfreth’s Alley, a national historic landmark in Philadelphia. Built during the 1700’s and 1800’s, the beautiful brick houses provide a fantastic background for couple’s photos. We were lucky enough to also have the shade from the trees and houses also to give us an escape from the summer heat.


Elfreths Alley houses engagement photos by Heidi Roland Photography engaged couple in Elfreths alley Philadelphia photos of newly engaged couple in Philly



Race Street Pier Couples photos 

After enjoying the historic architecture of Elfreth’s Alley, we made our way to Race Street Pier which is within a 5-minute walk. In my opinion, Race Street Pier is one of the coolest places to take photos in Philadelphia! Located on the Delaware Waterfront and next to the Ben Franklin Bridge, the pier has multiple picturesque spots. Along the pier, there are also wooden benches where Sarah and Dawood took a seat for more sweet engagement photos.

One of my favorite parts of engagement sessions after a proposal is when a couple looks at each other and realizes “Oh my gosh, we are fiancé’s!”


engagement photo at Race Street Pier engaged couple smiling on Race Street Pier in Philadelphia Ben Franklin Bridge behind couple at Race Street Pier

couple spinning on race street pier Delaware Waterfront engagement ring and couple holding hands at Ben Franklin Bridge man lifting fiance at Race Street Pier in Philadelphia happy engaged couple at Delaware Waterfront by Heidi Roland Photography engaged couple on a bench at Race Street Pier Philly waterfornt photos of newly engaged couple in Philadelphia, PA



A Philadelphia hidden gem

After taking some photos at Race Street, we made our way to the final stop which is quite the hidden gem… so hidden you might miss it! Directly across the street from the entrance of Race Street Pier, in the median of Christopher Columbus Blvd., there is a wonderful area for some extra couples photos. Because this little spot isn’t well known, it’s a great place to avoid people in the background.  This median, which is surrounded by abundant greenery, features railroad tracks that were previously used for a freight train. The train tracks added another historical element to the couples’ day, and will forever mark a historic day in Sarah and Dawood’s lives together.


smiling couple on Chris Columbus boulevard Philadelphia local couple in garden area in philadelphia happily engaged couple in philadelphia by Heidi Roland photography fiancé's in a philadelphia garden after proposal



Should I have a photographer for my proposal?

The answer is… “Yes!” This Elfreth’s Alley Proposal in Philadelphia shows having a photographer to capture your proposal is a great decision. These photos give you a way to look back on your special day and they are also great photos to use for your future wedding Save the Dates!


engagement ring details after proposal in Elfreths alley Philadelphia Elfreths Alley Proposal Philadelphia



Proposal Locations in Philadelphia

Elfreth’s Alley

Race Street Pier



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