Prettiest Street for a Proposal In Philadelphia

Addison Street Engagement in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is full of historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and lovely little side streets. Choosing a location for a marriage proposal can feel overwhelming. There are so many locations to choose from including well-known iconic spots such at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art or Love Park, but there are also many quieter more hidden away options that you might not know about.

Addison Street is one of the prettiest streets for a proposal in Philadelphia. This couple chose the 1700 block of Addison Street between Lombard and Pine Streets. It is a narrow street with twinkling lights wrapped around the trees, giving it a romantic appeal. Although cars are allowed to drive down the street, there is no street parking which makes it even nicer for proposal photos. This location is also just a short walk away from Rittenhouse Square Park.

engagement photo session Philadelphia



Reading a Card at your Proposal

I absolutely love this sweet, funny, and heartfelt card that was read right before he got down on one knee. Sometimes there is so much excitement and nerves in the moment that the mind goes blank and you don’t know what to say. Having a thoughtful card ready to read is a wonderful way to be sure you are saying exactly what you intend to in the moment. I just love this idea!

laughing couple on Addison Street in Philadelphia man reads card to woman before proposal Engagement photos on Addison Street in Philadelphia PA



The “Down on One Knee Moment”

This tender moment never gets old. The floodgate of emotions, the excitement, and the love that is felt is unbeatable.

man on one knee for marriage proposal on Philadelphia's prettiest street engaged couple celebrates on Addison Street



Prettiest Street for a Photos Philadelphia

Once the initial shock had settled, we rolled right into more photos of this newly engaged couple. They could not have picked a prettier street for their photo session. With the historic brick row homes and the canopy of trees on either side, we walked along the cute sidewalks and found plenty of sweet spots for photos

happy couple marriage proposal in Philadelphia PA couple smiling and walking down historic street in Philadelphia PA couples photos with lights on trees in Philadelphia winter proposal on pretty side street in Philadelphia newly engaged couple on Addison Street in Philadelphia Addison St Wedding engagement photos

marriage proposal on pretty street in philadelphia



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