West Chester Courthouse Wedding Planning


If you are you considering having a low-key, low-cost courthouse wedding in PA a Courthouse may be just what you are looking for. You can have a simple elopement just the two of you or a small micro wedding right in the courthouse, but it does take a little planning and there is a process to follow to make it happen. West Chester Courthouse Wedding Planning might have you wondering how to get started.



Here are some of the steps to get everything in place for your big day!



First and most importantly, consult the courthouse website for the most up-to-date and accurate information procedures and contact information. Definitely, do your research to be sure you understand the procedures, requirements and timeline.



Marriage License

The first step would be to get your marriage license. It’s important that if you are getting married in PA your marriage license is also from PA. To get your marriage license at West Chester Courthouse you need to first set up a time for your in-person appointment. You can arrange this in-person appointment by phone(610-344-6395) or online.

You must go together in person to your appointment and should leave after the appointment with your marriage license. For all the details about the in-person appointment including how much the license costs and payment options consult the website.

It’s important to note that there is a 3-day waiting period once you get your license before you can use it and it expires after 60 days. Make sure you keep this in mind while putting together your wedding day plans.



West Chester Courthouse Wedding Planning

Scheduling your wedding date

Once you have your license, you can call one of the judges listed under the “Officiant of Marriage” section of the website and you will be able to arrange a date and time for your courthouse wedding. Each of the Judges handles their calendar individually and has different availability depending on their schedules. The ceremonies are typically short and sweet and the number of guests allowed varies by each judge.



Where to take Photos for your West Chester Wedding

Once your ceremony is complete and you are officially married, often couples want to do family photos and couples photos. Luckily West Chester is not short on delightful locations for picture-taking.



The Historic Chester County Courthouse is just a quick walk from the ceremony and has a classic and beautiful look that lends itself to wedding day photos for the couple, wedding party, or family. This is a convenient and charming location to capture images from the day.



Downtown West Chester Wedding Photos

West Chester is full of cute streets and is often dressed up for the holidays. If you like, a stroll downtown can uncover some delightful locations for photos. There are spots for sweet treats and libations too!



Everhart Park Wedding Photos

If the refreshing greenery of a park is more what you are looking for, West Chester has this too. Everhart Park is a large 10-acre park and has wonderful paths and unexpected vignettes throughout. There are multiple bridges and abundant foliage. It is just a short drive(less than a mile) from the courthouse and a fantastic option for photos. In the spring it even has the sweet blooms of cherry blossoms.




Following the ceremony and photos, it’s time to celebrate! You could choose to gather for dinner or cocktails right in West Chester at one of the lovely dining options. Nothing like a delicious meal and a toast to commemorate your wedding day!



What to wear for a Courthouse Wedding

The short answer is, anything you want! This is your wedding day and you can really do it any way you like from frills, ruffles, and lace to a simple and straightforward “I can wear this dress again” outfit and everything in between. A courthouse wedding is very versatile and can be as fancy or casual as you choose. What is truly most important is that it is what you want.




Add Personal Touches

Even when opting to go small and intimate for your wedding day, such as a courthouse wedding or elopement, this doesn’t mean that you have to forgo adding the small touches that can make it even more special. For example, you could include florals like a bouquet or boutonniere, you could wear something gifted, borrowed, or sentimental, or even bring small favors for your guests.




Elopement or Micro Wedding Photography

Don’t forget to book your photographer to capture your day! These photos commemorate such an important and beautiful right of passage and the photos will grow sweeter with time. Wedding days always seem to fly by and having photos to remind you of your wedding day will keep the memories fresh and alive. Would you like to learn more about photography and packages for your wedding day? I would love to chat! Click this link to reach out.




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